This blog post is honestly a triggered response to a recent noontime variety show (in the PH) episode where a couple of hosts defined “Depression” as something that is “made-up,” “unreal” and “just a fancy name.”

You see, I just can’t stand it when people mock mental illnesses. They are as real the common cold! YES! Depression, anxiety, OCD and the likes ARE REAL. It can happen to ANYONE.

I think some people don’t realize that the brain can get sick too, much like your bladder or your heart. So yeah, before saying that something isn’t “real,” you may want to look up some facts. You have no idea just how hard and serious it is to deal with it!

If society puts such stigma on depression, all the more it will exist. If left untreated, this is life threatening! Just how many lives of young people, brilliant people, and loved ones do you think have been lost to a battle against depression? And how many more will be there?

People going through something like this need a positive and accepting environment. If such a big media platform mocks people who don’t even know how to get help, do you think they will ever do?

I admire people who continue to fight despite suffering from depression; People who try their hardest even just to get up in the morning; And their loved ones who continue to support them though some days are extra hard. Stay strong, you!

Well, I wish with all my heart that something like this doesn’t happen again. I just can’t imagine this kind of message staying in people’s heads. It’s just wrong!


// I didn’t mean for this post to be my first official blog on this site; But in times like this, I must vent out some steam. There will always be issues out there that will personally affect me and trust that I will not simply sit around and keep my mouth shut.

Anyway, this is really awkward but WELCOME TO MY BLOG, I guess?//



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