My Lotus Plant

Before I totally dive into Fall, let me just tell you about one of the highlights of my summer: BUYING MYSELF A LOTUS PLANT!!

I must tell you that I have been wanting to get a lotus plant for a really long while now. You see, it is my spirit plant (if there is such a thing) and since I have been investing on my mini garden already, I figured I might as well get one. Luckily for me, I found a neighbor selling her lotus plant! Talk about luck, eh?!

Sooooo… I wanted to keep the plant on our balcony. Buuuuut… it was messed up. I kid you not, there were junk that had been there forever!!! Your girl gotta do what your girl gotta do! I cleaned it up and it managed to look decent enough for a photo.


Did you think I’d stop there? Oh no! No! No! No! My DIY senses kept tingling so I knew I had to do something about the plain space I have. After all, only the best and beautiful for my favorite plant!

I scoured my city, day and night, to find the best materials for my lotus corner.. Actually I just went to the dollar store and to one of my local home&garden center after work. Somehow the universe has given me exactly what I needed.


Could I please explain before I proceed why my photos suck? I didn’t intend to blog about this initially so I was just literally taking photos to show someone my stuff. But after all the work, I ended up wanting to write about it. So there. (Whew! I finally got that out of my chest!) No more judging my photos. Let’s proceed.


I think this photo here is self-explanatory? Kind of? Well I went ahead and worked my magic. I love how green and terracotta go well together so I always find myself buying artificial turf to contrast my terracotta pots. My lotus corner is no exception.


Don’t you think my tiki-looking pot is a conversation piece? I find it really cool, I just had to buy it! The mini fountain was offered to me for a really cheap price so I threw it in my cart as well. I put them together on a nice plant rack which we already had sitting around the house. Everything came out just fine. Of course I was very happy with my work! Now the “after” photo:



I wanted to replace the basin where my lotus is planted but I seriously can’t find anything like it. I initially planned on putting it in a barrel planter but the one I bought ended up being too high. I will probably look for something else next spring. I know, it’s such an eyesore to my perfect corner. *sigh*

Maybe you’re now curious on how I take cake of my plant. Sorry to break it to you, but by now I have already prepared my lotus for dormancy; So this is not a good time to discuss that. I hope that wasn’t what you came here for. I will surely make a blogpost on lotus care next spring when it’s ready to actively grow again. Before that, let’s just pray my lotus survives the winter!!

You have reached the end of my blog. Thanks for stopping by and reading about my lotus. I will eventually introduce all my plants to you. My garden is filled with cute plants and interesting life stories. I will not have you missing out so be sure you’ll be here next time!

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