Non-credit Korean Classes

If you follow my blog and/or watch my videos on YouTube, you may already be wondering if I am interested in Korean culture. The answer is no secret, I am very much into it! I have been watching k-dramas for as long as I can remember, I listen to k-pop, I cook k-food, I’ve been to Seoul and Jeju not too long ago, and yes, I am also taking Korean classes!

I used to wok at Renison University College in Waterloo and I found out about their non-credit Korean classes. They offer language classes and they also have a culture club you can join. While participating in the club is free, the language class comes with a minimal fee. Pretty much everyone can sign up and join.

This winter term, they are offering Integrated Korean, Levels 1 and 2. I have taken level 1 last year and I might be joining the second level this year.

It is a classroom set-up which I really like because I focus better that way. The book you use in class will be given to on your first day. They also give handouts as you go through the course.

My experience in this class has been great. The lessons were easy to follow and the class is always active. This class is offered once a week for three months which I find a bit sad because the interval between classes is so long I just end up forgetting half of the lesson. That’s just me though.

The culture club meetings happen once week too. Here, we actually learn about Korean culture. It has been really fun for me. I mean, for starters, you learn loads of stuff for free! It’s also open this winter term but I might not join this time around.

We celebrate festivities like Korean Thanksgiving or Lunar New Year, we talked about masks, stamps and calligraphy. We made a bunch of different food and did a tea ceremony. We also watched movies, took part in events and played games. Every meeting offers something new! I can’t really move to Korea to learn all these stuff so it’s like Korea comes to me instead.

I really hope nothing comes up so I could join the language classes this term. After all, I have met a lot of amazing people throughout my time here and I couldn’t be more thankful. If learning Korean language or culture is part of your 2018 goals, planning to go to Korea or just want to try something new, come and join! I might even see you around. Let’s share our common love for Korean language and culture!


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