My First Tattoo

More than ticking off an item on my bucket list, getting a tattoo meant getting a proof. A proof that 1) my skin won’t betray me and 2) I do have something to hold forever dear.

‘What is it?,’ ‘Where did you get it?,’ and ‘Did it hurt?’ are just few of the questions I often get asked. I am used to these ‘cos they are very much the same ones I get for my piercings. Just like my piercing stories, I will try to answer all these for you here.

So the artist I worked with for this piece is the wonderful Elysse Marcus, a Toronto-based handpoke artist. I honestly chose her for a number of reasons but mainly because I knew her style would fit the tattoo I like to get. She interpreted my design peg so well and she really captured the personal touch I wanted to incorporate into the piece.

So my tattoo is actually a vine. The leaves are inspired by one of my actual plants, which is my favorite part about it. I also think it has a perfect balance of dainty and unrefined making it a good curious piece.

I chose to have this tattoo because I absolutely love plants. At the time of writing, I have around 70 different kinds of cacti and succulents. My love for them is simple but the connection lies deep.

Everything that has inspired me during this time of my life were brought about by plants and nature. “Resilience” and “growth” are two of the words that best summarize the things I learned and these are the same words that I want to remember whenever I look at my tattoo.

I cannot tell for sure if I will be adding ink to my skin anytime soon; But I’m sure that this won’t be my last botanical tattoo in the future. After all, the process didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would.

Well that’s about it, really. Leave comments if you are curious about anything else at all and I will be more than happy to discuss them with you. Talk to you soon!

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