A Day With Alpacas

When asked what the highlight of my recent trip to Korea was, people are often surprised as I answer: our day with alpacas.

The Alpaca World in Hongcheon, Korea is a huge farm-type zoo that houses various animals including my beloved alpacas.

Since seeing llamas a year ago, I’ve been obsessed with them. Little did I know I’ll soon be playing with their little cousins. They were so gentle and fun. I could easily see why they are used as therapy animals. I think that’s also why it was my favorite out of all the things we did. I didn’t know I needed therapy and nature sent it my way.

I highly recommend going to Alpaca World if you are an animal lover. This place is really a different experience. Nature lovers are very much welcome too. The place is by the mountains so you can expect an awesome and relaxing environment throughout your stay.

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