I’m going back to reality in a couple of days. That is to say, I was finally called back to work next week.

During this time that I was home (around 10weeks?), I was able to make 4 video clips and 3 dio projects.

I have re-read the entire HP series, finished book 1 of the PJO series, and started reading Poe’s works again.

I’ve let Seunghyun stir me into looking at modern art. I’ve also been looking into food plants (I’m growing spring onions now lol).

I’ve started writing 2 stories (one’s fanfic lol). I’ve drafted 2 more dio projects and 3 more video clips.

I’ve also lowkey revisited my language studies and lowkey mapped my future trip back to Asia.

I’m not saying the pandemic was good. It’s hell. But being cornered like this opened up my head to things that really make me feel alive and people that matter to me most.

I guess what I want to say is that I’m scared to go back to this part of my reality. My day job isn’t the best for keeping a person energized and motivated.

I’m worried I might lose the ideas and the drive. I don’t know how to keep the momentum. I have scrapped so much in the past too. I’m really scared, but I really want to try harder too.

I had to write all these down to clear my head. It’ll be a battle from here on.

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